Delusions Play of School Girl & School Doctor [Ep.1] [3D] [1080p] [JAP] Anime Hentai

Рейтинг: 2 / 10
Голосов: 4
Картинка Delusions Play of School Girl & School Doctor [Ep.1] [3D] [1080p] [JAP] Anime Hentai

Описание:"Ooh, an intimate T&A inspect on the first day of summer, how wonderful sensei!"
A doctor with inappropriate thoughts, and a perky JK with big breasts who encourages him.
Two "conflicting" fantasies make a perfect storm of sin in the afternoon clinic.
He wants to turn her breast exam into a titf*ck & fellatio.
She wants to be titty spanked for coming late to school.
Each realizing the other's delusions, the usually shy doctor is enticed by the cheerful JK. "Do me, senseiiii~"
she implores him...
Hot and sexy action takes place over light BGM and witty banter. Just a tiny smidgen of extremity.
Don't miss this fantastic blend of love, sex, playing doctor and administrative punishment, the blended
fantasies of a gorgeous JK, breathlessly performed by CV Sayaka Kazuna.

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