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Картинка ANOTHER POSSIBILITY [2015] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: While malicious incident that symbolizes the day-to-day Jisei occurs frequently, the other day the occurrence of high-rise building bombing of the central area special districts.
A blessing in disguise or not casualties in because it was late at night, the weather even after completion fire to a minimum thanks was a thunderstorm.
In order to cope with such a vicious incident, Oval Office had opened a "Mibu training school" to train a special ability who from this year's April.
Those who enrolled in school, the enlisted to the corresponding to the future countries of emergency "MIBU (attractive Kagura Battle unit)" is guaranteed.
But the number of enrollment founded to recently Mibu training school is extremely small. The desire who a healthy life, it is because it is unrelated institution.
However Mibu training those who enrolled in school as well, we only just who you want a healthy life.
Meanwhile, also from events that ...... parallel as if to induce the Jisei, conspiracy to force someone to ruin the world seemed to have been invaded.
Even without wishing, when each person must strive to protect the coexistence society, it was now just visited

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