Hani Tsuma Hs ~After Wedding~ [2015] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Hani Tsuma Hs ~After Wedding~ [2015] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game
Hani Tsuma Hs ~After Wedding~
はにつまHs ~アフターウェディング~

Описание: One son-Akatsukihibiki prestigious-Akatsuki who have taken over from generation to generation the executive of Kirishima heavy industry.
Symphony under the strict guidance of his father Akatsuki Raiden, and the next after the father and grandfather, had been obliged to become a human to support the Kirishima Heavy Industries.
Expectations for the sound of lightning was great. But it was not nothing more than the burden for sound.
Childhood it was a sound that was in accordance with what you say my father, to go so as to rebound to the father to each over the years.
And the admission is absconding a runaway no better than an opportunity, it was the out going to Narumi school in the remote rural cities and two generations City.
Live-in Akatsuki house townhouse-Kagura House in the city, indifferently spend sound day-to-day peaceful while I asked to see the care in Misato Aoba housekeeper.
But, such a calm life, would leave collapse unsatisfying by meeting with one woman.
The name of the woman who visited the original sound, the Aoi Ikoma.
Aoi is that you are a bride elect of sound, tell that to live in for a while together we want people to know their own prior to engagement.
The presence of one's intended that do not know of their own.
Without permission It was a sound to remember a strong antipathy to his father to advance the things, it is not possible to Monzenbarai, began living life with Aoi Misato.
Meeting with Aoi will prompt a big change in the mental state of the sound, to be decided to face the father as a man of Akatsuki house.
Yourself from now on, whether you want to?
Starts to move the time of the sound that has been stagnant, eventually Hibiki arrive in one of the answers.
The presence of women who wanted to walk in the future together. It was chosen as partners the distance between the "she" is going to steadily shrinking -
LIKE to LOVE--, LOVE to Engagement--
To show his commitment to his father, to propose to the "she". The woman was a "she" became "endearing wife".
While facing the Akatsuki home, spend life with beloved wife. The love LOVE erotic day-to-day on a daily basis -
As if regain the time had gotten stopped, sensual everyday mutually loved determined greedy a beloved wife, now begins.

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