Harami Tama [2015] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Harami Tama [2015] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game
Harami Tama

Описание: It is the hero duck Yuki is a very ordinary student day, a strange dream that walk the strange land along with the fox mask to manipulate human speech.
Then wake up and, similarly to have a new fox to speak human speech, you are invited to a look-alike of the location and scenery that you saw in a dream.
There Nantes to, Kuju Hoshihana of class-mate Yuki is longing was waiting.
And it is told the shocking fact from her. ...... In fact she is was a monster.
Further, the child Yu Takashi becomes the king of the monsters can be harboring the shaman princess of each race, I say that it is the owner of a special soul called "Ounomitama"!
Hoshihana is a shaman princess of Inu tribe group Princess Lulu of studying abroad. Tengu family of princess-Yuka are doing idle.
...... To give a Geno's successor is being sick for each clan holds the real power of the village
Further feelings of each of the organic nobler combined, was of the looming magnificent conceive battle begins!

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