Kayoinbo ~Waga Ko no Geshuku de Onna ni Modoru Haha~ [2015] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Kayoinbo ~Waga Ko no Geshuku de Onna ni Modoru Haha~ [2015] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game
Kayoinbo ~Waga Ko no Geshuku de Onna ni Modoru Haha~
通淫母 ~我が子の下宿でオンナに戻る母~

Описание: Toru hero Kambara has just started living alone from the spring.
From the mother of Chihiro, "properly doing're doing?" And tired been a phone call of nagging on a daily basis.
To say, that it confused to live alone you are not yet familiar with many, with dependable tend to be in is also the apartment of the owner and friend of mother Iha Akiho with.
Moreover, despite the age of about the same as the mother, plump intense in the Akiho feel the woman body becomes mind absolutely.
In addition, the permeability of the vulnerable and the sleeping form of aunt-Aiba Mutsumi to stop by the apartment every time you miss the last train,
Such as the expression of a woman who once homeroom teachers and Sogawa Atsuko was reunited chance to glimpse, it is around Toru if care-attractive adult woman is full.
Such folding, mother-Chihiro was worried about his son come to Tokyo.
While told nagging mother as when I was in my home, and hit the smack after a long time of the mother of home cooking, to feel the gratitude of a mother's love.
At the same time, the mother had been thought to be a sober until now, in fact it was from being noticed that had hidden the woman to the body in the same about glamor and Akiho.
"I have to because I only Mom please! Once Yara allowed !!"

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Ustal Ustal 2 января 2016 13:35
такая же фигня!..аффтар исправь плиз,
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