The Students council Glory Hole [2015] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка The Students council Glory Hole [2015] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game
The Students council Glory Hole

Описание: I'm in the student council officer of this school, it has served as general affairs.
From a certain time, citron Sakiheki who is a student council president, this school is in financial difficulties
I do that was confided to the president is in trouble.
Student council president is also the grandson of the president.
Want to somehow help the president, with the aim of get donations from the parents,
It seems were looking for or can not be entertainment from female students.
It seemed inspired from ··· AV of its entertainment content,
It was fellatio entertainment in the Glory Hole (hole in the wall).
Stage Glory hole in a private room, and are separated by a wall between the two sides.
Can not be issued only penis from the hole in the wall, is unlikely worry seen here of the face.
Prevent their own body Barre, by that possible service while ensuring the safety of themselves,
Favor in the female officer, it seems to have passed.
A woman officer to join the citron Sakiheki's student council president, also in my classmates
Kayamori RINO's vice-president, it's three of Omino YukariYuha's accounting.
I to everyone that it is the only male officers in the student council, to explain the situation so far,
It came out wish to become a planning officer.
To would come out certainly also something inconvenience only female students, it can understand Otokode of is required.
Not miss listening to it, it's that it also serves as a three fellatio practice partner.
I'm entertainment itself is opposition to this obscene parents ..., this kind of great perks
I am sick to the back teeth Nante cede to someone other man.
Moreover, ... that seems prepared to something or H success reward.
Though fairly troubled, it was decided to undertake.
......... Thus, called Glory Hall of raising student council,
I'm planning of fellatio entertainment has started.

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запустил ... посмотрел, удалил
Выбора в игре нет сюжет абсолютно линейный, зажми энтр и жди окончания истории ... ну разве для тех кто по японски понимает игра займет какое-то время ....
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