Bijin Kyonyuu Kyoushi Biyaku Choukyou

Рейтинг: 6 / 10
Голосов: 5
Картинка Bijin Kyonyuu Kyoushi Biyaku Choukyou

Описание: Protagonist is self-righteous in the negative, not liked by the human type of student.
Had sent a lonely every day, it becomes one day is bullied in threesome girl to withdrawal.
Ayaka Marin of class teacher he was very worried, and after school I came to visit until the home everyday.
The hero first, it had been chased away it to the annoying you think door over,
One day you notice "It's a chance to get used to alone with every day in my room."
He is in for revenge to threesome bully, had obtained a variety of aphrodisiac and sex aids.
It, first it was to decide to be I'll be thoroughly tried in training with her.
The next day, the hero is by pretending to respond to discussions, put in room Ayaka.
And with a aphrodisiac to defeat Ijiri, she was deprive the virgin that has been kept for many years.
Further threatened in the photo that contains the silliness, then also forced to attend every day.
Ayaka to be overthrown spear is to drink the aphrodisiac many times, but still tries to keep the reason,
Finally it would fall in female to seek only the pleasure personality collapse.
Really further desire of the hero, whether directed to the original trio Street speculation.
Or ...... or would further than being poured into Ayaka?

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