Toppatsusei Milk Musume Chika "Mou, Papa no Sei de Ippai Dechauu!" [2016] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

Рейтинг: 9 / 10
Голосов: 6
Картинка Toppatsusei Milk Musume Chika

Описание: - Beloved daughter that has been brought up in care. It is attracted to the breast milk full of feelings to food -
Hero who has firmly raising two daughters.
When I have grown also "hurt not even put it in the eyes" such daughters, I started living alone and think eldest daughter, Haruna the burden of his father, would leave the house.
But second daughter, Chinatsu of would have hated to be the hero, even if invited to sister had been left in the hero of the original.
Even with wonder, only hero to decide to try somehow that it is at least hated.
When we've been accustomed two people living with such Chinatsu
"Papa, I'm want massaged tits ......"
From the mouth of Chinatsu to scold always naggingly hero, such a dialogue has jumped.
When you accept the end you troubled, somehow it would out anger.
Come to think of it, but because there are fathers who massage the chest where the daughter of the world. The wonder surely teased was.
But Since then, Chinatsu is seems to be aware of the chest at every thing, becomes a hero even with care.
And in the morning it is. When going to cause a Chinatsu, there was a chest that became beyond recognition as huge there.
For Chinatsu to painfully, I'll rub the breast with ......
"Hua, what ...? Oh, Yaa ...... why this, out of the breast milk, Ru~u~u~tsu"
Breast milk spewing from the chest of Chinatsu.
From that day on, the relationship between the hero and his daughter, Chinatsu I went turned into another thing.

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