Ore no Kanojo ga Shuushoku Shita Kaisha wa, Black Kigyou Datta... [2016] [VN] [Cen] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Ore no Kanojo ga Shuushoku Shita Kaisha wa, Black Kigyou Datta... [2016] [VN] [Cen] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: Ryuichi Hiraga of hero graduated from the university this spring, working people a freshman who work for mid-sized consumer electronics manufacturers.
Even while being squeezed to the boss as a rookie in the sales department, has spent every day of fulfilling.
Also Kisaragi Ami is a lover from student days and decided a job in the food service industry leading company, the fleeting rest until training starts had spent happily with two people.
Month and day only, I will go decreasing also the number of times to meet at the fact that not enough time to think of each other work begins.
Still exchange of e-mail and phone frequently done, two people of relationship with or dating in Tama vacation became stronger.
...... Was supposed.
While repeating the date, Ryuichi is to feel a sense of discomfort that does not somehow be in words.
Increasing number of words to praise the company and the boss in the conversation, also Ami be rounded up as soon as a date by the boss of the call because I have often.
Still impressed with "hard I'm trying to memorize the work," said Ami of seriousness, Ryuichi driven into work and Earn marriage fund even a little.
One day, Ryuichi to see the videos that had happened to become a hot topic on the net.
It was a movie that reflects the state of employee training, which has become a hot topic such as "w overkill this company."
The beginning, but was Ryuichi had seen laughing, feel the freezing moment face saw a certain scene.
There are ...... that had reflected the figure of Ami to recite aloud the motto with tears in her eyes.

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