Shirudaku Niku Omocha Shitei ~Ore no Shokushu de Shouhinka~

Рейтинг: 8 / 10
Голосов: 4
Картинка Shirudaku Niku Omocha Shitei ~Ore no Shokushu de Shouhinka~

Описание: "Haa Geez ......"
Game of the events that went said to my sister.
But I went to play, for why are you doing now to help with the event.
And ...... Nante's daughter role of man and cosplay.
"Somehow today one day, it was only to waste."
When was this do, I should have put in a home.
Recreational Whoa ...... or not to be in the game, be it something good. What what……
"Let that etch the girl using the tentacles. You can also use capture the hand of the image."
That is, you can capture your sister photo of, or that I watch a figure that is sister are mischief.
Just good. Perfect for today's mood. Now I'll be out of spite to your sister.
Follow the instructions in the app, ... capture the image
"O ~, something's amazing rendition Do ......, softening screen light too, such as a ...
!? Chopper ...... What this Uwaaaaa' - "
And, was aware of when the Shah purchase of figure of no variant that you have seen before my eyes.

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Комментарии (3)

Oskorbinka Oskorbinka 10 мая 2016 23:30
ребят, при входе в некоторые игры появляется синее окошко с каким то кодом и ошибка синтаксиса, что делать?
tigran123tigran tigran123tigran 11 мая 2016 04:42
тоже самое
zed0208 zed0208 11 мая 2016 06:53
Нужно запускать через AppLokale или NTLEA. Можно просто переключить систему на яп. локаль и будет вам счастье.
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