Initiator [2016] [Cen] [jRPG] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Initiator [2016] [Cen] [jRPG] [JAP] H-Game

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Описание: Here is a city that has been made in the land of the island, Initiator
Harbor airfield also regular flights has been abolished, there is no freedom of the traffic between the outer
Either scoffed such a handicapped situation
Unawares, as the infamous quarantine island in the kingdom
It came to be whispered
Once a year, is to take off special transport aircraft of the kingdom is in Initiator,
A girl who has been brought in was to shoot here
As if it just returns the had kept the animals in the wild
It was a brutal treatment
The island is, all the self-sufficiency that has been closed to the world
The harsh environment, quite a few also who cut off his own life
Despair and stand still things, which distort the face in fear,
Those crying in parting with the family,
This island is a consuming Cry all those feelings,
Unawares as an island of death, went feared the people
However, of they of such island, the only live food ......

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Комментарии (6)

Andrelllo Andrelllo 16 июня 2016 10:47
Чёто застрял я в самом начале.... смужиком поговорил, потом урок прошел, а что дальше делать?
ptg111 ptg111 17 июня 2016 23:51
Такаяже фигня)))
Aska-sama Aska-sama 27 июня 2016 12:32
Может кто знает, что делать после ресторана который рядом с домом, и что делать в казино?
ptg111 ptg111 30 июня 2016 08:29
Aska-sama = как ты до туда прошёл(а) ?))
oleg270398 oleg270398 14 июля 2016 20:39
я в деревне на водопаде не пойму что делать
MikeyRus MikeyRus 30 апреля 2017 06:09
Ребят дайте скорости
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