Kimomen Teihen Shoku Demo Kyokon nara Harem Guild no Shu ni Nareru!? [2016] [Cen] [VN] [ENG,JAP] H-Game

Рейтинг: 8 / 10
Голосов: 13
Картинка Kimomen Teihen Shoku Demo Kyokon nara Harem Guild no Shu ni Nareru!? [2016] [Cen] [VN] [ENG,JAP] H-Game

|Описание: Can I be with such cute and powerful bishoujos? Can I handle it!?
Eyes a'spin with gapelust, hips a'clap anytime I please! That's fantasy!
I pursue the impossible dream: to be master of the Harem Guild!
"Only handsome guys can be monster tamers."
The other Guild members laughed as they rejected him.
Wretched and ugly, he couldn't even form a party.
No one looked past the aura of failure that shrouded him
to appreciate his extraordinarily large c*ck.
Except for one. A demon.
The demon saw in the rejected ugly hero a way to dismantle the Guild of Beauties,
the troublesome heroines who'd been slaying demons since time immemorial.
For the ugly man, it was the chance to teach a lesson to those who'd made him feel shame---
The chance to fulfill his dream of questing---
Yes! He shall wield his demonic d*ck!

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grad grad 20 июня 2016 15:51
Haostik Haostik 20 июня 2016 17:06
Крутой сайт, good уже добавил в закладки! kawaii
Главное вирусов нет, материл и качество супер uhuh
Creator_Daggers Creator_Daggers 21 июня 2016 15:10
Народ как устанавливается? ошибки выдаёт)))

????? (syntax error)
Народ у кого пашет?
zed0208 zed0208 22 июня 2016 06:45
Установки не требует, запускается через AppLocale или ntleas.
novi7 novi7 4 июля 2016 00:16
шот я ничего не понял (
fadstron fadstron 13 мая 2017 00:21
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