Mashou no Nie 3 [Ep.1-2+Bonus] [JAP,ENG,CHI] Anime Hentai

Рейтинг: 8 / 10
Голосов: 16
Картинка Mashou no Nie 3 [Ep.1-2+Bonus] [JAP,ENG,CHI] Anime Hentai
Mashou no Nie 3

Описание: 300 years ago to revive the hatred of pirates extinct breath with great sense of Ensa, revenge drama that retaliation to descendants of officer who betrayed his own -
Great Pirate van cladding feared called "Pirate King".
Its last moment by his subordinates of betrayal, it was that extinct breath term island.
He from hatred against regrets and traitor that his ambition was not fulfilled, was supposed to be wander the island become a grudge.
After 300 years - led by woman admiral, Mireille Navy, was visiting the island for investigation.
So Van cladding, achieve a revival hijack the body of naval officer Klaus is a subordinate of Mireille.
And this Navy, to know that the descendants of the men who betrayed his own is of Austria kingdom to govern,
Hated to hijack the kingdom descendants made of traitor, it was to solidify the determination to be I'll re-create the pirate kingdom is their ambition.
Newly behalf in body of owner-Klaus got, Van cladding invaded the kingdom.
Noon is no-nonsense navy soldiers, distinguish the two faces of brutal pirate night, ... it was going to proceed with steadily prepared to fulfill the his own revenge.

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