Karizuma - Konya, Aniyome to Nemasu [2016] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Karizuma - Konya, Aniyome to Nemasu [2016] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: The hero, a little Chubs eyes of Busa man-Hatsusaki tribute (Mitsugu Yazaki).
Handsome and had an excellent brother to expire also head, something complex is being compared.
Thanks socializing becomes weak, the basket woods tend to pull to the room. Feat game cheats, lover had over the process proceeds and the right hand in a two-dimensional beautiful girl, a neat life.
But, to create an investment program in the cultivated data analysis sense in the game, resulting in a fortune of not only annoy to eat a lifetime.
Then out of the home is rented an apartment, I had Kyoji to withdrawal life of quiet and comfortable retirement free from worldly cares from daytime.
One day, Sayuri of the elder brother's wife has been contacted him.
Brother should have been active in securities companies, we have said that want to borrow money in order to reform the house.
However, it is ostensibly the story. The fact is that my brother had been carrying a huge debt let boil dry the assets.
But not both sympathy law against brother, the elder brother's wife, Sayuri was carrying a devious animal passion tribute.
Worried about please consider, the older brother as a condition of an alternative to lend money to Sayuri in secret, approach someone a "Katsuma contract".
It is, "no production" - also meet mistress contract to it than any requests.
Thus, in a house that is no longer home of the brother running around in securing money, elder brother's wife, just the two of us became mistress.
Every day was covered in lust seemed to open the curtain -

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maksimus333 maksimus333 5 августа 2016 23:55
Вт всё таки хорошо когда есть описание. Для тех у кого плохо с английским, если сжато то там говорится о том что чел Еб..т жену своего брата. Есть вещи которых не стоит делать..... ну а если ты в танке и тебя не коробит, то что ж мои соболезнования, ты МУДАК.
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