Hitozuma Choukyou Kangoku Gakuen [2016] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Hitozuma Choukyou Kangoku Gakuen [2016] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: Hero and Eiji Shitara, was supposed to be chased by the office of the school -
However, it is deserved. ...... Because I was trying to attack his student.
Moreover bailout own head, had suffered severe burns to the face in the throw was chemicals.
Fortunately, the incident was treated in the school not become public, but the dismissal of Eiji was that of only natural.
Teaching license lost their jobs also Eiji that has been deprived, had made a little things To livelihood in the subsequent part-time job.
But one day, received a sudden call from the school that once worked, will be a visit to the middle of the night of the school building.
While I think suspicious, Eiji towards the as instructed staff room.
So waiting was not, sweet seventeen beauty of mysterious claiming to Emma.
She suck the Eiji of the penis as if weigh, would let me quickly exhausted.
Immediately after, Eiji is attacked by a sudden severe lethargy, was the result as it fainted -
When I woke up, there is on board the ferry to sail the sea.
It ended up the first, unnaturally uninhabited island that only school facility was built.
Eiji from Emma, ordered the Prison School teacher.
If you fulfill the work, life after leaving the uninhabited island is guaranteed, and ....
The class that Eiji is homeroom teacher, three wives were enrolled.
Eiji of the mission, and to perform a lesson in class, it is "possible to train the three Housewives".
An honor student a demure, young lady grew up in a Noriko-looking.
Sarina of bad conduct that causes teachers and other prisoners and frequently trouble.
And Meutsu that Emma is criticized as "school one problem child".
"Deceived" "betrayal" "humiliation" is daily occurrence of prison life -
Really Eiji, safely whether it is possible to get out of prison facility!?

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