Netorare osananajimi so ~ ottori ten'nen osananajimi no Hna arubaito seikatsu ~ [2016] [Cen] [jRPG] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Netorare osananajimi so ~ ottori ten'nen osananajimi no Hna arubaito seikatsu ~ [2016] [Cen] [jRPG] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: Live in peace in contemporary Japan, school sophomore peaceful head "Kazuki Matsumoto"
I love such Kazuki, childhood friend to live next to "Fujiwara Kanade"
Two people in a childhood friend, both think that's it, but,
Each other is concerned about the now of the relationship that the collapse, was in not Fumidase one step.
But, sister of Kazuki "Chika Matsumoto" is, I think frustrating the distance of two people,
Kill the love to the brother, to two people intercede thing.
Multiplied by the blasting in response rates and brother, confession Kazuki did not act up to it to do so.
Safely two people will be able to be tied.
From tied, the two people did not take time before overlaying the skin.
Two people was a virgin and the virgin is, I feel happy, spend the time.
But, however, it did not last that happiness is also long.
Company of the father "Shozo Matsumoto" is,
It would bankrupt, that I had to make up further debt.
And that debt collectors have, would have stormed up to the house.
In situ paid the money that is now as interest,
Was obtained Kotonaki, but had no longer has to be returned 5 million of debt.
Kazuki in trouble in this is, to fit to the tearfully part-time job.
Chika and Shozo also worked together, to say that we managed to return the debt in the family.
To date together may not be stayed as,
Although it was Kazuki tell the response rates and, we decided to work response rate also together.
Although it was Kazuki and Chika to be desperate to stop,
To run out of patience in response rates that do not budge an inch, to help me after all.
Kazuki has been me to say that any number of good in a range that does not unreasonable,
It decided to "collect more than one million" in the response rate.
Began All told, response rates of part-time job life.
Really, I wonder can repay the debt of the Matsumoto family ...... !?

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goalie goalie 4 ноября 2016 07:19
блин шрифта нет,как же его вернуть?
Tobi Tobi 22 ноября 2016 13:55
maxmaxuly maxmaxuly 21 февраля 2017 15:13
Это проблема в движке на которой сделана игра, вам надо полностью сменить язык системы на японский (через панель задач) и тогда будет шрифт.
Black613 Black613 22 февраля 2017 13:48
как за блондинку играть
Tobi Tobi 7 августа 2017 16:24
не работает последния версия
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