Sengoku NEET [2015] [Cen] [TRPG] [ENG] H-Game

Рейтинг: 7 / 10
Голосов: 9
Картинка Sengoku NEET [2015] [Cen] [TRPG] [ENG] H-Game

Описание: A main character house invading the south from Ezo!
The aim is to become a princess as a princess, a town girl of a partner state!
In order to preserve the world, we will aim for the reunification of the universe while fulfilling the mission of empowering children.
Generate various events in each territory, directing the intensity of the character!
Please enjoy your room 's favorite side room and child making etch!

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Комментарии (2)

blackwoln blackwoln 14 ноября 2016 23:56
Игра вылетает
zhenyas zhenyas 18 ноября 2016 18:07
норм игруха всю прошел ни одного вылета
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