Manuscript: Another Way [2016] [Uncen] [ADV] [RUS,ENG] H-Game

Рейтинг: 8 . 4 / 10
Голосов: 8
Картинка Manuscript: Another Way [2016] [Uncen] [ADV] [RUS,ENG] H-Game

Описание: The main protagonist of this game was an ordinary, (or not?), college student; without a girlfriend.
Two campus girls hold romantic interest for him, but he lacks the confidence to approach them. Our 'hero' finds himself
in another world full of magic and adventure through a twist of fate, with monstergirl counterparts to his romantic interests in this world...
Will he be able to accomplish in this fantasy realm, what he has lacked the willpower for in the real world?
The main plot will be a sex relationship between the protagonist and two girls, but there will be multiple sideplot scenes with different sexual content and fetishes.

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Комментарии (4)

Antitezis Antitezis 16 ноября 2016 07:03
Как это вообще пройти?
Black613 Black613 16 ноября 2016 11:00
Antitezis, дождаться новой версии или полной версии игры
AKNOLOGIA21 AKNOLOGIA21 17 ноября 2016 22:30
демка не сложная в принцыпе 10 минут и пройдена. короткая она уж сильно...(
nikemajor nikemajor 29 ноября 2016 03:13
I was excited by the pictures.
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