Kimi no Karada wa Uso o Tsuku. [2016] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Kimi no Karada wa Uso o Tsuku. [2016] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: Ko Kogi Yuuto is a former student who dropped out of the secondary school.
The parents are ordered to change school because they are bad, and they will be transferred to a common local school.
There he reunites with his childhood friend who had once been betrayed.
To a confusing superior, her childhood friend Tomoko Hirano is pleased to see him again with a smile without carelessness.
And, "I would like to etch with me?", They said smile and something I do not understand.
She was about to join a secret club that had sex with the name of club activity and invited her to be there.
At a later date, I was brought with just the story, a room in a separate building where the literary department was written.
A mysterious senior student and Ayaka Kitadeo awaited there.
Although she felt unwilling to accept her trying to have sex with half the fun,
"If you do not come in, Tomoko will be going to etch with someone else?" The superior is greatly shaken by the superior in the word.
At a later date, the superior will visit the club again with a certain determination - echoes to the hearts of the two of us who love each other ... ... It gradually creates a criminal crack.

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