Youma Taishi Girl [2016] [Cen] [jRPG] [JAP] H-Game

Рейтинг: 7 / 10
Голосов: 5
Картинка Youma Taishi Girl [2016] [Cen] [jRPG] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: Yayoi has the power to communicate with the other side.
Inside of Yayoi is another person. Her name is Saika.
Saika is the enduring spirit of a shrine maiden from long ago.
Yayoi goes to school, and a letter of challenge arrives...
Yayoi becomes a ghost buster (youma taishi) and sacrifices her purity
while trying to live a normal girl's life in the earth-shattering wake of a massive debt
that she has inherited from her father.
But busting ghosts doesn't pay, and Yayoi is forced to offer other services......
The owner of the brothel that hires her learns about her supernatural power
... but the thing she's being asked to do is unbelievable...

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