Haitoku no Oyakodon ~In'yoku ni Shizumu Mama to Imouto~ [2017] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Haitoku no Oyakodon ~In'yoku ni Shizumu Mama to Imouto~ [2017] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: "What are you doing ...?"
I am probably overlooking the woman on the bed for the first time in my life and looking down on that amazing face.
I wonder it was the first time in a while. It is that I see such a surprised expression of "sister".
My sister / Karina who is friendly to everyone and is liked by everyone.
Kana like that thoroughly dislike me only. ...... enough to dislike even sucking the same place air.
Because Karina is listening to what I do not have, I got hooked from everyone in the school,
Even my mother made a side of Karina and I was lonely.
...... Yes, this is the situation that is,
It was because of so much absurd that anger reached the peak and forgotten me.
"I will tell you this from my house and from the school and I will try not to get into my eyes for the rest of my life!"
When I heard that word, I feel "chewy" resurrected in my mind.
... ... Do you want to eliminate me ... ...? Even though you have done terrible things to me all the time.
"If you want me to be a bad person to that extent - I will do so!"

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