Rebuilding My Family [2017] [Uncen] [3DCG, VN] [ENG] H-Game

Рейтинг: 7 / 10
Голосов: 6
Картинка Rebuilding My Family [2017] [Uncen] [3DCG, VN] [ENG] H-Game

Описание: Rebuilding My Family is a choice-driven, POV, erotic novel that features two main "pure" story lines, one "love" route and another "power" route, with multiple narrative threads that can lead to very distinct endings.
Living a quiet life, after the loss of your father and sister several years ago, things were looking good as you looked forward to the college life; you'd miss the girls but you need to carve a path of your own.
But one day an eerie news report catches your attention (which is odd since you filter nearly all the news on TV), it was about an old classmate who went missing a few months ago and was found yesterday at a parking lot, in a coma. Staring at her profile picture, with a laser beam focus on a particular object, her ring that you recall seeing at his office in an ashtray (a strange place to keep jewelry). After that moment your brain flared and any doubt about this connection had to be confirmed or crushed...

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Shihadn88 Shihadn88 30 июля 2017 08:43
Прохождения бы к ней
saylar saylar 30 июля 2017 11:13
Да это точно, а то ни чего не понятно
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