Chichigami-sama no Iutoori! [2017] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

Рейтинг: 9 / 10
Голосов: 6
Картинка Chichigami-sama no Iutoori! [2017] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: One day, Saito Yuki, who attends private school village school,
I realize that the childhood friend Mr. Hojo Makoto and the student council president Fumiko Fukaya are strange.
The two awakened the "Chichigamisama" which was dedicated to the backyard of the school for a while and was in a long sleep,
Even though I was not pregnant, it had become a body full of milk from the big tits!
Furthermore, I bought the anger of Tsuchigamisama for reasons that are surprisingly surprising,
I will accept curses that inflate the big tits from the original further.
Mashimoto and Donko who will not stop painting of boobs as they are and will walk their lives with their bodies estrus.
Set in the night school, in order to solve the curse of Tsuchigamisama, the search line of three groomed people began!

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