Lord of Hell Road [2016] [Cen] [Action] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Lord of Hell Road [2016] [Cen] [Action] [JAP] H-Game

Princess of hell story Load of Hell Road
Dedicate this story to Voden of princess knight Beatrice
Once it settles unexpected Voden kingdom of demise that has been figuratively to the country of the day,
It was something too disappointing.
20xx year
Army of Voden kingdom of the auger to the king Metropolitan flocked in droves.
The auger who without the horde, without going to come true in much armed human army ...
... Kingdom, was very easy to fall.
Until the time of the last Rakujo, it was princess knight purchase continued to resist the auger us.
Voden kingdom of the princess, the name is "Beatrice Meyer Voden"
Road to Ojo, was struggling to confront a flock of thousands of auger in only one sitting in the battle of the hill Tabaru.
But ... but ...
It is Buzei is in great number, it was evident to everyone.
Princess Beatrice is bound to auger us, it's became a prisoner of the high-country.
After that, the life of Beatrice ...
No, too too short to say that life ...
It was disastrous.
She, tortured in prison by the auger, that I had exhaustion ...

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