Kahogo na Mama to Mucchi Muchi Mama-san Volley [2017] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Kahogo na Mama to Mucchi Muchi Mama-san Volley [2017] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: From his mother "Kaori", the protagonist is requested to be the temporary coach of the mothers' volleyball team, she is affiliated to.
For the weak team there with consecutive losses, protagonist who was a former player of volleyball club, was chosen.
The volleyball club I had thought to be filled with aunts, were filled with beautiful mature ladies!
Leading with the overprotective mother, "Kaori"
Treating protagonist affectionately like a cat, "Chie"
Her daughter, who behaved like an elder sister to the protagonist, "Nozomi"
The office lady who loved young boys, "Yuuri"
At glance looked to be a strict married woman, but actually... "Kyouko"
Even looking at right and even turning towards the left, looking at those bloomers biting into mature asses, the protagonist falls into panic.
The beautiful women too try to have lewd relationship with the innocent protagonist. Via several
means, they sexually harass him as much as they like.
Unrelated to the overprotective care of mother, the protagonist's virginity is at peril!?

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  1. DarkSkiill
    591 DarkSkiill Superior 6 декабря 2017 16:30
    Ха теперь японцы хотя нас к спорту при учить а дальше что? worry

    хотя я малость погоричился разраб топовый happy по сравнению с anim anime_62
  2. Valerchi Valerchi Someone 5 декабря 2017 23:32
    Merksis, скопируй файлы с образа, а не устанавливай.
  3. Merksis
    207 Merksis Superior 5 декабря 2017 00:27
    да блин запарили выкладывать не работающие игры

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