Making*Lovers [2017] [Uncen] [VN] [ENG,JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Making*Lovers [2017] [Uncen] [VN] [ENG,JAP] H-Game

Описание: The protagonist, Takanashi Kazuma is a freeter who lives alone and doesn't have a girlfriend. He quit his job because it was too shady and does part-time jobs and volunteer activity. Every time he speaks with his family or friends, they keep telling him to get a girlfriend already - his parents are so bent on it they already have baby goods bought. Already tired of being told off by everyone he gets encouraged by his little sister and actually tries despite being incredibly reluctant. Over the next few days he has several encounters with various women, and it's now up to him whether he'll grasp the chance he gets. All the girls he meets have a quirk or two, and all of them haven't had any luck with romantic relationships, or even intentions to enter one.

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Комментарии (2)

  1. Rablen
    11 Rablen User 28 августа 2020 02:43
    Можно сейв? Мои знания английского посылают меня на все 4 стороны, а посмотреть на сцены все же хочется...
    1. GeNach
      723 GeNach Superior 28 августа 2020 03:25
      1.Скачать Textractor
      2. Если сам не поймешь как пользоваться на некоторых сайтах есть инфа. Есть вариант с ютубом.
      3. Не советую переводить японский...


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