One day, I found a video of my girlfriend online. [The Motion Anime] [Ep.1] [JAP,CHI] Anime Hentai

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Картинка One day, I found a video of my girlfriend online. [The Motion Anime] [Ep.1] [JAP,CHI] Anime Hentai
One day, I found a video of my girlfriend online. [The Motion Anime]
ある日、ネットで見つけたのは●●撮りされた彼女の動画だった。 [漫之学园资源部]

Описание: "One day took it ●●, and it was Videos of her who was done a collection of Original NTRCG that found in a net." Episode 1, Episode 2 motion Anime! Motion Anime improves 150% of true supplies by becoming it! Be sexy, and describe it. A close friend is full of the NTR scenes from men of the tennis circle with her in the Whole Volume Animation!
Have defeated K of the younger student The article of the certain anonymity blog, Began with such an opening sentence. In the Videos buried last of the article, Belong to the tennis circle of the same university "She" The main character who has found no figure. At the seat of the drinking party on her shoulder Men turning a hand familiarly. A bad feeling flashes across the mind…….
Name: Yumi (Yumi)
A voice actor: Haruka (Haruka) Black Hair long straight, Big Tits. The lover of the main character. Be unsociable if I speak ill in cool accuracy in contradiction to Kozue of the close friend. If the number of persons is various by little result, may suffer a misunderstanding, but the truth, Be women gentle at heart who are only weak in emotional display. As is strong-minded, often clash with each other, but as for the awkwardness of recently like it her Became able to think that was charm point; came.
Name: Kozue (Kozue)
A voice actor: kai* shio (Umi auspicious decoration for gifts) Be Short Girl, but, like a braid, a puppy, have big breasts. Be her who seems to be always active with a smile, but be shy with timidity at bottom. Be tense with the energy in particular, and cannot talk well. Want to change oneself such, and care about a hairstyle and a fashion, Aim at the bright character to get used to being close to anyone.
Main character
With the Yumi of the lover Kozue of the ni classmate as Cupid position, Have you enter between us, and will go together afterwards. After graduation, enter the same university of Tokyo, and is an invitation of the Kozue; as for the Yumi Koto joining the tennis circle (meet-a-mate circle), Worry about two people.

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