Luxuria [2018] [Uncen] [ADV, 3DCG] [RUS] H-Game

Рейтинг: 7 / 10
Голосов: 35
Картинка Luxuria [2018] [Uncen] [ADV, 3DCG] [RUS] H-Game

Описание: Hello. My name is Kain and that's my story.
I am a high school student. I live alone.
Father, I have never seen him, and my mother have been always traveling for work.
I'm an average looking guy. And I still haven't gotten a girlfriend.
There's no romance at all in my life. I haven't had nor cute sisters or childhood girlfriend.
until she came:
I'm Asmodea. Also known as ASMODAI, one of the mortal sins of Luxuria.
I am the demon of lust. Is it now clear by now?
I'm ASMODAI offer to conclude a contract with me, a mortal one!

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Комментарии (3)

kazlov-2001-2001 kazlov-2001-2001 3 сентября 2018 19:04
а че рейтинг такой маленький ?
вроде играбельно
Roshkoff Roshkoff 14 сентября 2018 00:33
Стоит качать?
lol4er5 lol4er5 14 сентября 2018 01:08
сцен не особо ведь бета все ещё.
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