Meikoku Gakuen Taidou Hen "Onegai Shimasu... Sensei no Seieki de, Watashi-tachi o Haramasete Hoshiin Desu" [2018] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

Рейтинг: 9 / 10
Голосов: 15
Картинка Meikoku Gakuen Taidou Hen

Описание: Anomalous phenomenon named "brute" which had been rolling in Jingu Gakuen.
- Human beings who are attacked by "brutality" will be out of reason and will be dominated by carnal desires.
Added to that explanation "When trying to resist against the urge, it will lead to death"
"Makoto Asada" could not believe the word suddenly.
However, as soon as we can show it as reality,
I recalled the role of being called "to save the people of the school".
As if laughing at Asada, the situation was more serious than I thought.
One day I felt relieved that somehow it was not having the worst ending by "brutality"
I decided to head to the city where I did not go out for a while because I live a school.
The sight that I saw there was a world in which intelligent humans prevailed by plessing.
"Why do you have a mockery out of the school?" "What was the meaning of what you did?"
Asada was likely to be crushed by the doubt, but the situation further wields Asada.
Finally, the story of "brutality" is completed, at the end of the intention to make it complicated with the girls' school set.

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MGR MGR User 2 декабря 2018 16:53
Всем день добрый. У меня вопрос а как такие игры устанавливать ? у меня вместо символов внятных всякая дичь может есть инструкции и тд. может кто сылку кинуть, а то в инете слишком много решений боюсь не то сделать., заранее спасибо
JoKeRD07 JoKeRD07 User 2 декабря 2018 18:49
MGR, Ставишь японскую локаль (гугл в помощь), можешь поставить часовой пояс японии и наконец скачать эмулятор локали
MGR MGR User 2 декабря 2018 19:44
сделал, спасибо
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