Chijoku no byoshitsu [2019] [Cen] [SLG, Animation, Dot/Pixel] [JAP] H-Game

Рейтинг: 6 / 10
Голосов: 23
Картинка Chijoku no byoshitsu [2019] [Cen] [SLG, Animation, Dot/Pixel] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: A man who has caused Takeo, who is the president of a small business, to be seriously injured.
Takeo apologized to the hospital, but Takeo did not forgive the man.
Meanwhile, at the same time the sound that became the responsible nurse comes to say hello to Takeo, the sound also apologies to Takeo.
If you ask him in detail, he says he is his father.
So Takeo uses his wisdom to talk about the amount of damage he has suffered.
Seeing the guilty lingering sound, Takeo smiles with an invincible smile.
Takeo begins sexual harassment to patronize from that day.
Takeo tries to provoke sexual harassment by stimulating the sense of guilt he has in the sound that he is trying to dislike and resist.
Takeo's sexual harassment is increasingly escalated to the sound that can not be resisted by stimulating guilt.
The sound that was poor in sex was disgusting with sexual harassment from Takeo, but dyed himself in pleasure that he had never tasted.

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Комментарии (7)

KOTE KOTE User 24 июня 2019 11:17
Чего то явно не хватает в файлах
ValeronRage ValeronRage User 24 июня 2019 12:53
Цитата: KOTE
Chijoku no byoshitsu

переименуй папку и запускай с имулятора яп локали
2017dimain 2017dimain User 24 июня 2019 13:59
пробовал не помогло
Lerin2 Lerin2 User 24 июня 2019 16:32
Благодарю, помогло
Cinih Cinih Hentai Sage 24 июня 2019 22:56
Японский перевод 8 бит и цензура 5/10
Stress Stress User 25 июня 2019 11:52
А где пиры то все?
KitiKet KitiKet Hentai Guru 25 июня 2019 14:47
Блин, вроде интересно... Но его лицо нереально смешит, будто слюнявый бульдог)
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