Defending Lydia Collier [2019] [Uncen] [ADV, 3DCG] [Android Compatible] [ENG] H-Game

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Картинка Defending Lydia Collier [2019] [Uncen] [ADV, 3DCG] [Android Compatible] [ENG] H-Game

Описание: Defending Lydia Collier is the story of a London-based lawyer called in to defend the wife of one of the city's most influential and wealthy businessmen who has recently disappeared.
You'll be with the defendant during police interviews through to the trial in court, working to review evidence and help build her case. Along the way you'll meet various other characters and experience the life of a currently single wealthy London lawyer.
Whether your fresh out of school assistant or a local police officer catches your eye, you'll be able to decide who you wish to interact with and choose to pursue romantically.
This game will contain swearing, nudity and adult scenes.

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  1. Hiptal
    278 Hiptal Hentai Sage 21 октября 2019 07:49
    Santa,ну хз,мне сюжет зашёл,т.к. люблю детективы,Х-сцен маловато,но,на мой взгляд,для ознакомления с сюжетом,попробовать можно.

  2. Santa
    610 Santa Superior 3 августа 2019 04:34
    Что как игра интересная стоит качать?

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